The Art In Charity

Putting the Art into Charity


The Idea

One of the biggest hinderances for artists being able to contribute to good causes and donate to charity is cash flow. 'The Art in Charity' aims to provide a platform for artists to turn their work directly into donations. By selling direct we cut out all the middleman fee's and ensure the most money possible makes it into the hands of the charity of choice, which will change from time to time.

The Art

All of the work is 100% handmade by the artist and printed to the highest standard possible using only the best materials. Much of the art is printed using traditional techniques and presented in a limited series. There will be new pieces added regularly so please keep checking back. As much of the art is hand made expect minor differences in colour and print from piece to piece.

The Charity

The charity we are currently funding will be 'Syrias Vibes'. Funds will be used to support a medical centre and ambulance service in Syria. They have an emergency clinic and ambulance service and treat all civilians who are injured in the war. We wish to support them in their work, building up their capacity to save more lives.


 Click the image above for more info on Syria's Vibes

Click the image above for more info on Syria's Vibes