The Art In Charity

Putting the Art into Charity


We want to grow this project and as it develops add more artists who are interested in getting involved, so far the team consists of:

David Magnier

David Magnier is an Irish Director with a passion for photography and the craft of printmaking. Always interested by repeat patterns and the power of interrupting and breaking that pattern David's prints explore pattern compositions and draw on the influence of pattern in film. 

His photography, yet to appear on this site, explores the effects of time on a subject and experiments with mapping that time or splitting it on one composition.

Mark McCullough

Mark McCullough is an Irish visual artist living and working in London. Looking to bridge photography and architecture through means of sculpture his work explores varying themes including scale, framing, composition, form, abstraction and space.  

The interdependence that he believes to exist between photography and architecture is explored in his work by means of sculpture. Sculptures can be treated as moments like photographs but studied in space like buildings.

Photographs underpin all projects with the sculptural element presenting physical situations to be examined at scale by the audience.